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Power Apps Community Call 9/18

Microsoft holds a free PowerApps community call every Wednesday at 10 Central.  Tomorrow, 9/18/2019, April Dunnam and I will be the featured speakers.  Recently, I wrote a blog post called POWERAPPS AS A FRONT END.  April did a video about a way to do security trimming in PowerApps, and since the concepts are related, we’re doing one big community call where we’ll both demonstrate several methods, related to locking things down, especially with SharePoint as your data source.

So, tune in tomorrow.  This call will be at 10 Central, right before my usual Power Hour time, at 11 Central.

Following this call, my topic for SharePoint Power Hour will be SharePoint SiteSwap.  Site Swap is a new PowerShell command that lets you replace your old classic site that is the root site of your tenant, with a shiny new Communication Site.  Power Hour is held here, and if you’re on my newsletter, I’ve been sending out voting emails most weeks lately, to vote on a topic for the live show.

In summary, I’ll see you tomorrow for these two live shows:

10AM CST: Microsoft PowerApps Community Call

11AM CST: My SharePoint Power Hour

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