Speaking at SharePoint Fest DC 2020


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a speaker at SharePoint Fest in Washington, DC, April 13-17, 2020!  When you register, be sure to use my code, so that you can get a $100 discount!  Code: ROGERS100

Here are the sessions that I’ll be presenting:

Creating Approval Processes using Power Automate and PowerApps – WRK404

All day workshop

In the land of officialism, the adaptable approval process is king. To understand the multitude of approval processes emanating from various business units, and have the ability to implement the most efficient solutions, is a highly sought skill set. A major component of this skill set is the understanding of available technology and maximally focusing it on creating solutions.

This workshop utilizes Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to forge your abilities in successfully implementing approval processes. To understand the approval process capabilities of Flow and PowerApps, we will start by detailing the standard out of the box approval process offered by Flow.

After understanding the possibilities of Flow’s approval process, the workshop will add the concept of integrating this approval process with PowerApps. With PowerApps providing a solid base for the user’s experience, we gain the ability to dynamically change this experience as the approval process advances.

Once these concepts have been assimilated, the advanced concept of a custom approval process will be explored. This concept will illuminate the process for creating custom approvals that allow an extremely large variation of business requirements.

This workshop, while detailing the technical parameters of the above approval process concepts, will also explain the latitude in which these processes are best implemented.

Where: ROOM 4 Tue 9:00 AM – 5:00 pm

Customized List Forms in PowerApps: Ten Pro Tips – PWR202

In SharePoint, lists are commonly used to create simple request forms, and do quick collaboration on lists of items. It is often necessary to customize the look of forms, when business requirements become more complex, or to add some visual appeal and company colors.

PowerApps is a powerful tool that can be used to customize the look of forms, and add logic. There are a few important tips to know about, so that you can save time, and design forms in the most efficient way.

In this session, learn ten pro tips, such as how to utilize the SharePoint Integration property, common form logic functions, how to determine the type of PowerApp to build for your scenario.

Where: ROOM 4 Thu 1:30 PM — 70 min

Mastering PowerApps & SharePoint Related Lists – PWR302

Related lists and parent-child forms, also known as repeating tables or sub-lists, and are an important part of many business forms. With related lists and SharePoint lookup columns, there are some important details to understand to work with these types of relationships in PowerApps.

In this session, learn how to configure your sub-forms and repeating tables with SharePoint lists and libraries. This session covers a few different approaches with varying levels of complexity.

With this knowledge, you’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of how to build your own business solutions the right way with PowerApps, and apply these principals in many types of SharePoint scenarios.

Where: ROOM 4 Fri 10:40 AM — 70 min

SPfest 2020 Rogers

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