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Cyber Monday Training Sale 2021

It’s that time of year again, and time for our big Cyber Monday sale!  Here’s what our sale entails this year:

Starting on Cyber Monday, 11/29/2021, you’ll receive a 40% discount off our our yearly Ultimate training plans.  This sale lasts through Friday, 12/3.  The discount code will be 2021CYBER

Our Ultimate plan includes ALL of our (searchable) self-paced training courses

35+ hours of video training, plus resources and labs – all taught by me

What you get with the Ultimate plan:

✔  Every single course on our site, plus new courses and updates to existing courses

✔ Over 35 hours of searchable training content

✔ Office hours meetings – these are held once every 3 weeks, and all Ultimate members are invited. We have a private forum where students ask questions, and we answer these questions and discuss them during this meeting.

✔ Access to all of our training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

✔ Lab materials with step-by-step walk throughs

✔ Earn certificates for each course

✔ Answer quiz questions in each course

✔ Earn coins to spend on swag in our company store

⭐  Yearly PLUS subscribers get a demo student account and test SharePoint site

⭐  Yearly PLUS subscribers get to download all training materials and lab documents

⭐  Yearly PLUS subscribers get a T-shirt

Pricing Options

This Cyber Monday discount applies to our Ultimate yearly plans, which are:

Ultimate yearly: $600 with 40% discount = $360

Ultimate yearly PLUS: $700 with 40% discount = $420

Check out the frequently asked questions here.

Starting 11/29, the code will be 2021CYBER

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