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Free SharePoint Site Design Training in February

All month this February, I’m offering my modern SharePoint (Online) Power User class called Site Design & Web Parts for FREE to you!  This self-paced, online course is over 3.5 hours long, with video lessons and demonstrations throughout each module.  Back in October, I offered my “Site Management” course for free, which is module 2 of my Power User training, and this one is module 3.  My full Power User plan contains over twelve hours of searchable video training, labs and quizzes.

Simply click this link and click Enroll for free. It’s also free to create a student account, which you’ll need in order to enroll.

This course covers site design concepts in SharePoint and Microsoft 365. All of the modern page and news settings are taught in detail. Learn about the options for changing the look of your modern site, when it comes to color schemes and banners, as well as the whole modern page publishing process.

All of the modern concepts are covered, such as title region layouts, page sections, section colors, the differences between pages and news pages, news footers, and news digests.  Other items covered include: modern news page publishing, all modern web parts, and Microsoft 365 custom themes.

Here is the Syllabus

Introduction to SharePoint Design and Pages

Introduction this module and SharePoint design concepts. Learn how to change the look of a site by changing the theme, colors, header and footer.

Editing Pages and Modern Web Parts

Introduction and demonstration of SharePoint pages and the page library.  Learn how to create, edit and publish pages. Learn how to insert and modify web parts, page sections and page anchors. This chapter also includes a walk through of creating a page based on a specific example in Microsoft’s look book.

All Web Parts – Demos

This chapter contains explanations and demonstrations of each of the 30+ web parts.

News Pages

Introduction and demonstration of news pages and the news web part in SharePoint.  Learn about page templates, news page templates, the news digest, page properties, and how to schedule pages.  Audience targeting is covered in depth, as well as additional concepts with pages and permissions.

Site Templates and Microsoft 365 Branding

Introduction and demonstration of site templates, and how to use them.  This chapter includes demonstrations / deep dives into multiple site templates that exist in SharePoint Online.  You will also learn about concepts in Microsoft 365 branding, which entails the main Microsoft 365 navigation for your tenant, not just specific to SharePoint.

In Summary…

This full SharePoint / Teams Power User plan currently costs you only $30 per month, but the price will be going up to $40 on March 1st, 2022. The yearly price will be increased from $350 to $440 per year.  Here is a list of all of our training plans, all taught by me.

When you purchase the level called “SharePoint Power User & Teams”, here are some things included, along with all of the hours of video training:

Check out this free Site Design & Web Parts this month, come learn a lot from me, and spread the word! We also offer bulk / group rates!

Here is a glimpse of what my training experience looks like. See the chapters down the left, checked off as you go. There is a search box at the top left, to search for any text that I mention in any of the videos or text, and your progress is displayed at the top.

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