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Las Vegas in Person – Microsoft 365 Conference– December 2022

Come see me in Las Vegas, in person this December!  Get $50 off when you register, by using my code: ROGERS

This conference will be held December 6-9, 2022, in Las Vegas, with a long list of terrific speakers.  I’m presenting a brand new workshop:

All Day Workshop: Creating Approval Processes using Power Automate & Power Apps

Workshop Hours: 9 am – 4 pm

The adaptable approval process is the best way to have a standard for all of the forms in your company. To understand the multitude of approval processes emanating from various business units, and have the ability to implement the most efficient solutions, is a highly sought skill set. A major component of this skill set is the understanding of available technology and maximally focusing it on creating solutions.

This workshop utilizes Power Automate and Power Apps to forge your abilities in successfully implementing approval processes. To understand these capabilities of Power Automate and Power Apps, we will start with an overview of the standard out of the box approval process offered by Power Automate, and where it falls short.

In this workshop, you will learn the details of how to build an efficient approval process with Power Apps. With Power Apps providing a solid base for the user’s experience, we gain the ability to dynamically change this experience as the approval process advances.

Once these concepts have been assimilated, the advanced concept of a custom approval process will be explored. This concept will illuminate the process for creating custom approvals that allow a large variation of business requirements.

This workshop, while detailing the technical parameters of the above approval process concepts, will also explain the latitude in which these processes are best implemented.

The Microsoft 365 Conference welcomes you back to the community, the learning, and the celebration. Join the community as it returns to Las Vegas for the largest, in-person gathering of the Microsoft 365 community in 2022. The Microsoft 365 Conference embraces Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Platform, SharePoint, and Microsoft Viva. You’ll meet peers from around the world to share knowledge and experience, and you’ll be guided by dozens of Microsoft product team members and industry experts as you learn what you need to create and implement the inclusive, hybrid workplace of the future.

The Microsoft 365 Conference is co-located at the Intersection of technology with, DEVintersection, the Microsoft Azure + AI Conference, and the Azure Data Conference.  When you register for one conference you have access to keynotes, panels, and sessions from any of the other events.

You’ll discover what’s new in keynotes from Microsoft executives including Jeff Teper, Scott Guthrie, Alysa Taylor, and Rohan Kumar. You’ll dive deep into Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, Viva, Dynamics 365, Outlook, Yammer and more with Microsoft’s product leaders like Karuana Gatimu, Hugo Bernier, Mark Kashman, Dan Holme and several more. You’ll gain real-world insights from Microsoft MVPs, experts, and customers. No other event offers the breadth, the depth, and the practical, real-world guidance you’ll find at the Microsoft 365 Conference.

The Microsoft 365 Conference will provide a dive deep into practical guidance to help you plan, architect, deploy, support, and extend Microsoft technologies to address your business objectives.

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