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Business Solution: New Hire Onboarding

Every Wednesday at 11 AM Central time, some colleagues from Rackspace and I do a live YouTube / Google Hangout broadcast called SharePoint Power Hour. Recently, I did a series of videos where I outline a single business process in detail.  I decided that a New Hire Onboarding process is a very common scenario, so that’s what I decided to

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Submit Form to a Secure Location

Forms and security. It is a common requirement to have a form that can be filled out, and when it is submitted, it goes to a location that the form submitter does not have access to. This is tricky because the users need to have contribute access to a list or library in order to create new items in it,

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Free Webinar This Week – Content Types

THIS TUESDAY, April 19th, I’ll be presenting a free webinar called “The Power of Content Types”.  This is being hosted by Metalogix.  Here is the description of it: In SharePoint, the concept of content types seems a bit ambiguous to most people. In this session, SharePoint MVP Laura Rogers will teach you what you need to know about content types

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External Content Types – SQL Auth, NO Kerberos

It’s so easy, even I can do it!  In SharePoint 2010, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is what used to be the BDC in SharePoint 2007.  With the BCS, you create External Content Types (ECT) that let you define a connection to a database or web service that is external to SharePoint. The actual steps of the creation of the External

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