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Document Library Descriptions

Remember back in SharePoint 2003 and 2007? Probably not.  I barely remember it, and had to search the internet just to find an old screenshot because I didn’t even start blogging until SharePoint 2007.  There was something, at least one thing nice about those old versions.  The document library and list descriptions actually showed right there at the top of

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Teams – Incoming Email in SharePoint Online

Yes, the title is slightly confusing.  There is now a way to set up incoming email on a library in SharePoint Online… sort of. You need to do it through Microsoft Teams, so it will entail having an Office 365 Group + Teams.  If you have an existing Group that you’d like to use, during the creation of a new

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New Look! Document Libraries in Office 365

New Document Libraries

If you are in the first release cycle for Office 365, you may have noticed something very different about your document libraries within the past week.  Not only are document libraries getting a whole new look…. they way that you work with your files has been drastically improved!  Let’s take a look around! First of all, when I click the

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I Love the SiteData.asmx Web Service

There are a whole slew of SharePoint web services, but today I decided to try out the SiteData.asmx one, in a data view web part (the GetListCollection operation in particular).  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a developer, so in a lot of cases, the data view web part (DVWP) has become my best friend. In various SharePoint discussion threads,

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“I Need To…” Display a List of Documents

In this article, I’ll describe how to use the out-of-box “I Need To…” web part to display a dynamic list of documents in a document library. About the “I Need To…” web part This web part displays items in a list on the SharePoint site.  The Title field is the field that will be displayed.  The list also must have

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Ways to Display Multiple Document Libraries

It seems that one of the most commonly asked questions on discussion boards and forums is “How can I display documents from multiple document libraries all in one list?”  So, I decided to enumerate some of the available options to achieve this goal.  They each have their pluses and drawbacks.  This article is written about the enterprise version of SharePoint

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