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Power Apps Notify on Field Change

A common requirement in forms and business processes, is for a notification to be automatically sent only if a specific field is changed in a form.  Historically, this has been tricky to accomplish in workflows.  In this post I’ll show you a way to do it in PowerApps. In this example, I have a project form, and I want to

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PowerApp Galleries = Repeating Tables

In this post, you’ll learn how you can translate the concept of sub-tables, or repeating tables, or sub-grids, to PowerApps.  When you’re creating your PowerApps from within SharePoint, by default the app only uses the data from the one list that you are in.  You can add what are called Galleries, to display and interact with data from somewhere else. 

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Filter a List based on Current Site’s URL

There have been a few situations where I’ve needed to be able to filter a web part to show data relevant to the name of the current site.    Most cases have been project sites.  Here’s an example: (This post is relevant to SharePoint 2007 or 2010) All of a company’s projects not only have a project detail record which contains

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