Monthly Archives: January 2009

Ways to Display Multiple Document Libraries

It seems that one of the most commonly asked questions on discussion boards and forums is “How can I display documents from multiple document libraries all in one list?”  So, I decided to enumerate some of the available options to achieve this goal.  They each have their pluses and drawbacks.  This article is written about the enterprise version of SharePoint

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Displaying SharePoint Fields by Permission Level

There are situations where certain fields in lists or libraries need to be hidden or displayed according to the permission level of the logged in user.  Since there is really no out-of-box way to assign permissions to fields, here’s a way to do it using conditional formatting in SharePoint Designer.  This is my favorite SP Designer trick, that I discovered

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Outlook Web Access Web Parts

This is my first blog post, ever.  So, I’ll start with something simple.  Well, it starts off simple, but the end leaves a little to be desired.  Here goes… Outlook Web Access web parts are meant for use on SharePoint My Sites. Each Outlook Web Access web part has the following required fields: Mail server address Mailbox Now, for end

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