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Summing Calculated Columns

This is basically a re-post of something that I did on a couple of weeks ago… Have you ever noticed that in SharePoint views, when selecting to view “Totals”, calculated columns aren’t listed as an option for column totals? In this video, I demonstrate this dilemma, and shows how you CAN create a view that displays calculated column totals.

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SharePoint 2010 InfoPath List Form – A Fix

STOP USING INFOPATH In SharePoint 2010 (Beta), a SharePoint list can be created, and a InfoPath form can be quickly created as an interface to the list, instead of using those default forms that aren’t very easy to customize.  I was at a client site last week, teaching SharePoint 2010, and we noticed an issue with the InfoPath form once

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Laura’s March Status Update

This is a post to recap what’s been going on lately, what’s coming up, and where I’ve been hiding…. not necessarily in that order. SPEVO First of all, I’m excited to tell you that the SharePoint Evolution conference is coming up very soon. This will be a great trip to London! My presentation will be “Making the Most of Out-of-Box

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Word and SharePoint Integration Tidbits

Today when I tweeted about the ability in Word to visually compare multiple versions of a document, I was surprised at the number of people who weren’t aware of this feature.  So, this post is a quick step-by-step on a couple of cool things you can do with SharePoint and Microsoft Word integration. Compare versions Built in site columns related

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