Laura’s March Status Update

This is a post to recap what’s been going on lately, what’s coming up, and where I’ve been hiding…. not necessarily in that order.



First of all, I’m excited to tell you that the SharePoint Evolution conference is coming up very soon. This will be a great trip to London! My presentation will be “Making the Most of Out-of-Box Web Parts”. In the past, I’ve done one about the MOSS web parts, and then recently I’ve done a presentation about just the new 2010 web parts. This one will be all SharePoint 2010 information, but not exclusively the new web parts, I’ll cover new ones and some of the ones that are very useful, but haven’t changed since MOSS, such as the filter web parts. Therefore, the attendee takeaway will include solutions that can be put in place immediately, without having to wait for SharePoint 2010 to be implemented. If you’re on Twitter, #SPEVO is the hashtag to follow.



Another major thing going on in right now, you know in my “spare time”, is Shane, Todd and Steve’s new SharePoint book, called Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration (which you can pre-order if you’re so inclined). I’m a Contributing Author, which means I’m writing two chapters. I’ve been spending a lot of time on this in the past month or two, which is why I haven’t been blogging much, haven’t been on Stump the Panel, etc. I think I’ll be done this weekend. Whew.

SP Tech Blog

Last month, shortly after SPTechCon, I wrote an article for the SPTechBlog called “Spotlight on 2010: The SharePoint/Office Integration Story“. This was written shortly after finishing my chapter about integration, so these topics were all very fresh in my mind. The SharePoint/Office integration stuff is VERY exciting to me, by the way. 😉

Data View Web Part Series

On, I’m currently doing a workshop series about SharePoint’s data view web part. When Mark and I do these workshops, they’re actually hands-on. This means that all attendees each get their own SharePoint site to use, to work along as I talk through the solution. These are a lot of fun, and very interactive, with continuous chat room questions and discussion from attendees. We’ve already done part one of the three part series, but there are two more that you can still catch, with DETAILS HERE. The next two workshops are “Dynamic Feedback Forms” and “Build a Site Permissions Dashboard”.


SPTechCon (SharePoint Technology Conference)

This conference was in San Francisco in February, and was fantastic! Presentations went great, and I got to see my co-workers. As you may know, we’re consultants and live all over the country. So, conferences are the main chances that I get to actually hang out with them. Jennifer Mason, Shane Young, Todd Klindt, Randy Drisgill, and John Ross, were presenters at this conference. The next SPTechCon will be in Boston in October!

SharePoint Saturday New Orleans

February 27th was SharePoint Saturday in New Orleans! Cathy and I drove down together from Birmingham to go speak at this event. I grew up in and around New Orleans and my parents live in Baton Rouge, so this was an event that I just couldn’t pass up. Tiffany Ingargiola, Cherie Taylor, and Casey Blondeau were the main organizers, and they did an AMAZING job! There were lots of attendees, and everything seemed to go extremely smoothly. It was so great to finally get to meet them after knowing them on twitter for months.

Michael Lotter, Tiffany, Casey, Cherie
Tiffany and me – looking at @SharePointNinja like he was crazy


Okay, back to that book writing… see y’all in London.


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