SharePoint 2010: Data View Web Part Series

In SharePoint 2010, all views in lists and libraries are XSLT list view web parts.  This means that you can edit views from the browser or from SharePoint Designer 2010.  This video is the first in my series of SharePoint 2010 data view web part videos.  I show you some basics about how to compare the old school data view web part to the new XSLT list view web part.

On a personal note, these videos are something that I do for fun, on my own time.  Besides, things have been crazy busy at work lately, so there’s no time during the day for things like this.  Since I have two small children and feel like I spend all weekend every weekend cleaning and doing laundry, I’m happy to say that I finally hired a housekeeper.  Therefore, this weekend I actually had a few minutes to sit down and record this video, and hopefully more will follow soon.  Free time, what a concept!  Enjoy the video, stay tuned for more, and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.



    I have a customer who would like to display a short list of items (12 items) in rows of three items each. Thus, row 1 has items 1, 2, 3, Row 2 has items 4, 5, 6, etc. The item content to be displayed is a heading, a small photo and a short text description. I currently display this using a Content Editor Web part with inserted HTML. I’d like to do this with a DVWP so the customer does not have to mess with the HTML – just update the list – but I can’t see any way to do a layout like the one described. The DVWP wants to output in a vertical list (like data!), not horizontal items. Suggestions on how to skin this cat? Link to an example? 🙂

  • fweisser, In your DVWP (not XSLT list view), in SPD 2010, go to the Design tab in the ribbon, and take a look at some of those styles. There’s one called “two column comma separated”, maybe you could try using that and tweaking it?

  • I keep finding myself on your blog while looking for answers to some basic SharePoint development questions. Nice work again.

  • Laura, what tool do you use to create your screencasts?

  • Hi, I use Camtasia Studio.

  • I want to prepare a report by joining multiple lists in data view web part which i tried in sharepoint designer 2007, & it really worked. But now i have something in my mind, as in i wanted to know is it possible to join multiple form libraries & prepare a report kind using data view web part or list view web part?

  • Asfiya, Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Could you please re-phrase it?

  • Ideas for Dataview Web Part Layout?

    I need to display images from a picture library in a grid form. The only OOB layout in SPD 2007 is a two-column layout, which looks nice, but I would like to display 4 columns by 5 rows – any ideas on how to tweak the code? Thanks in advance.

  • Our company is upgrading to SP2010. I use a DVWP in SP2007 to merge multiple project lists into one list view using the “Connect to another library” feature. The lists are merged on a site designed for an individual called a “Command Center” the point is they are working on multiple projects at any given time and need a full scope of what tasks need to be completed next. The project lists are housed on seperate client sites within the same site collection (The command center is not the parent site). I simply open the command center in designer 2007, manage data connections, “connect to another library,” then add the url to the client site. All of the lists are populated in the Data Source Library section and I can easily add them to the DVWP under Data Source Details I simply select “Related Data Sources” and choose the same “Project List” list from each client site and merge the results. Your videos are fantastic, keep up the great work!

  • Thanks Jonathon, I appreciate it!

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