Monthly Archives: April 2011

Web Part: “Stuff I Like” Using Social Data

In SharePoint 2010, you may have noticed the button at the top right corner of all of the pages, called “I Like It”.  This button basically just adds a tag (I Like It) to the item, but it’s not readily apparent WHY you would want to use that button.  You can go to your My Site profile, and click the

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InfoPath: Keeping the Approval Process in the Form

Last week, I talked with Michael Gannotti on his weekly webcast called “Coffee Talk”.  My demonstration was of a workflow process in InfoPath.  The idea is that the process is much easier and simple for the end users when you keep the whole approval inside of the InfoPath form.  This way, people can easily fill out whatever the form is

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Free Webinar This Week – Content Types

THIS TUESDAY, April 19th, I’ll be presenting a free webinar called “The Power of Content Types”.  This is being hosted by Metalogix.  Here is the description of it: In SharePoint, the concept of content types seems a bit ambiguous to most people. In this session, SharePoint MVP Laura Rogers will teach you what you need to know about content types

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