My Top 10 Popular SharePoint Posts in 2011

To wrap up 2011, here are the most popular posts on my blog site.  These posts were not necessarily written this year, but they are the ones that received the most comments in 2011.  With a total of 865 comments this year, here are the top 10 blog posts:

Display a Sub-Site List on a Top Level Site (56)

Workflow: Reminder Before Due Date – MOSS vs. WSS (52)

Web Part: Sites that I have access to (46)

The Text Filter Web Part – Without Having To Filter Exact Text (39)

Click to Copy List Item to New (33)

List of SharePoint 2010 Web Parts (31)

Displaying SharePoint Fields by Permission Level (29)

SharePoint 2010 – Where’d “My Links” Go? (22)

SharePoint 2010: The “What’s New” Web Part (22)

InfoPath 2010 and Repeating Tables (22)

Everyone have a great new year!  I’m looking forward to 2012!


  • Happy New year Laura…!, and happy programming also. I have an issue, i hope get some help from you, How can I setup Infopath WebPart to display especific form to edit from a Library. I get it if I add that control (WebUI:BrowserFormwebPart) and setting up FormLocation property on Load method via query string, but it renders form with a diferent size font and layout orders (kinda wierd), so now Im trying to access out of box Infopath Webpart’s FormLocation property using javascript or jquery to set up that property. Thanks in advance… JL.

  • JoseLuis, I don’t know anything about a FormLocation property or jQuery, but to get an infopath form web part to display a specific form, you have to put a web part of that same library on that same page, and create a “send form to” web part connection. Then, you can hide the library web part if you need to, and use just a view filter on that web part to control which form it shows.

  • The company I am working for is looking to add my links back to 2010. I found a post that points to your post and redirects me to the wrong location so I found “My Top 10 Popular SharePoint Posts in 2011” and it lists “SharePoint 2010 – Where’d “My Links” Go? (22)” but when I click it it also points me in the wrong direction. Is this post no longer valid?

  • Hi Andrew,
    When my blog got moved to it’s own new site collection, all the item IDs got skewed. Here’s the link to the post you’re looking for:

  • Here’s the updated link to the post about My Links:

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