Monthly Archives: June 2016

Adventures in Power BI and DAX

This one is going to be a bit different than a lot of what I usually write, but I learned something new today, and wanted to share some of the steps with you.  I worked in Power BI in Office 365 today, and learned a little DAX, which stands for Data Analysis Expressions. Here’s the challenge.  I have a list

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Power Hour Schedule

Here is my SharePoint Power Hour schedule for the next couple of months.  Each one has a link to where the event will stream live. How do you join in the live chat during Power Hour? Join my Slack channel by filling out this form.  If you’ve already joined, you can go directly here, and I also encourage you

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Summer SharePoint Power Hours

Hi everyone, I would like you to vote on your favorite topics for the next few Power Hours this summer.  I’m going to plan them all out and make a schedule, so that you’ll know what topics will be covered and when.  You may vote for up to three topics, and I’m going to take the top six or so,

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