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Turning on New Modern Pages

SharePoint site pages feature

Some of you have mentioned to me that in your SharePoint site in Office 365, you don’t have the new, modern pages.  They don’t exist when you create new pages, and they don’t exist as a content type in your Site Pages library.  I’ve noticed that this is the case in my tenants.  One of these such site collections was created about 5 years ago, and another one is a publishing site.  I do have first release settings, and I do have the default for my tenant set to all new (modern) lists and libraries.  I’m not sure specifically what types or ages of sites are going to have the modern pages by default, it just seems like really old ones are the ones that don’t.  It’s just a feature to turn on.

  1. Go to Site Settings, and click Site Features.
  2. Activate the site feature called Site Pages.
  3. Done.  Now you can create pages.  Click the Settings Gear at the top right, and choose Add a Page.  (You could also create the page directly in the site pages library)
  4. Give the page a name (your cursor will already be in the name box), put your content on it and click Publish at the top right.  You could also just save your changes without publishing as you work on the draft.
  5. Once you’ve created this page and published it, you can choose to make it the homepage.  Go to the Site Pages library, and select the row of your new page, using the little checkbox on the left.  Click the ellipsis in the toolbar at the top, and choose Make Homepage.


5/2/2010 added: One other thing you can look into if this is still not working:  Check your site features, and make sure that the feature called “wiki page home page” is activated.  Activate the feature, then you’ll have your site pages library, and can go through these steps.

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