Webinar: PowerApps and Related Lists

On December 13, 2017, I’ll be presenting a free webinar for the nice people at VisualSP, called

Related Lists in PowerApps

PowerApps is the new way of building forms and business solutions in Office 365. Are you moving to PowerApps from older legacy technologies like InfoPath and MS Access? With related lists and tables, and SharePoint lookup columns, it’s done a bit differently in PowerApps. In this session, learn how to build your sub-forms, repeating tables, and cascading drop-downs with SharePoint lists and libraries. With this knowledge, you’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of how to build your own business solutions the new way with PowerApps.

I hope you can join us, I’m looking forward to having you!

Update 12/19/2017:  Here is the link to the recording


  • mherman@pcgus.com

    Will you be posting this webinar to your site or YouTube? Thanks!

  • Hello, the video seems not to be available on the site visualsp

  • Hi Laura,

    This is what I was looking for a couple of days. But there is a problem I am facing – when I fill details in the parent form the lookup field is picking the parent field title in powerapps but when I submit the form and go back to the child list in SharePoint, the lookup field shows blank. What could be the reason? Kindly help.

  • Hi Laura,

    I’m looking for your actual blog post that goes with this VisualSP webinar that you did. Is that available?

  • Hi Laura,

    I have a question on this lesson I’m hoping you can help me out with….at what point did you switch from having 2 forms (parent and child forms) and one Gallery, over to 3 galleries?
    Do you have any training on the building/rules of the 3 galleries you show on the final screen (from 2 forms and 1 gallery), or any resources on the difference between using forms vs galleries?

    Thank you so much!

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