Power Apps Virtual Summit on 3/27

Get ready for the first ever Power Apps Virtual Summit!  This conference is put on by the awesome people at the Collab365 Community.  Check out the list of sessions, wow I can’t wait!

My session is called:

Mastering PowerApps and Related Lists

Related lists and parent-child forms are a widespread requirement when building business solutions in SharePoint. Are you moving to PowerApps from older legacy technologies like InfoPath and MS Access? With related lists and tables, and SharePoint lookup columns, there are some important details to understand to work with these types of relationships in your apps. In this session, learn how to configure your sub-forms, repeating tables, and cascading drop-downs with SharePoint lists and libraries. Apps that have dashboards of related lists, can even be used as a replacement for old classic connected web parts on a page. With this knowledge, you’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of how to build your own business solutions the right way with PowerApps, and apply these principals in many types of SharePoint scenarios.


2019 PowerApps Virtual Summit vert About this conference

Yes, you *can* attend this online conference for free, LIVE, but you’ll probably want to go ahead and register for the all-access pass.  If you’re not attending live, and would still like to watch the sessions, you can pay the $49 early bird price, and get a ton of stuff included, worth about $1,900:

• Access to all the sessions on-demand
• $50 discount on PowerApps MicroJobs.  Here is one of mine.
• PowerApps Summit Companion Ebook
• Your own copy of the Scrum Buddy PowerApp
• Beginners Guide To PowerApps Ebook (51 Pages)
• 25 Time-saving Tips for Teams Ebook (38 Pages)
• Beginners Guide To Flow Ebook (100+ Pages)
• 20% discount on any one of my PowerApps Live Classes
• 50% discount on Red Plane Insider Program
• Be notified first about the Microsoft Teams Summit!

What’s this MicroJobs thing?

You can book a freelancer to do a specific job for you.  There is a long list of jobs that you can browse or search, to get an idea of what these jobs can entail.  Here are some jobs that Joelle and I posted, that you can hire us to do.

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