• Ooo…looking forward to the companion posts for this! We’re trying to solve this exact problem right now and I refuse to switch back to classic library view.

  • You read my mind. Thank you, as usual, for being spot-on.

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  • Does this method work with managed meta data fields ? I’m guessing we would have to maintain any drop down lists in power automate and SharePoint separately.

    • yes the drop-downs would be managed separately, so doing this with managed metadata would be a lot more work.

    • I get this error message with my managed meta data column when using this method. “the data returned from the tagging ui was not formatted correctly”
      From what I read it looks like I need to pass a term name|term guid format. Is that the case?

    • Yes, that is correct.

  • I added ‘Run only users’ (trying both options with their permissions) but no email is being generated. What am I missing? Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi Laura! Thank you for this amazing post. I have one question: how would you manage multiple documents? Do you need to initialise a variable for each one? And how do you “group” them for sending them on an email?

    Thank you in advance!!

    • Hi Paulina, in the video I talk about how you could do it via a Microsoft Form, and that way, you could have them attach multiple documents.

  • Hey Laura,
    Interesting way. Question:
    1. If I want users to enter customer name as an input (it should be one of the options from List items in same share point). How can i achieve it. ? I would imagine a drop down inputted from list data.
    2. and then based on customer input, file should go exactly in that customer folder. do you think this is doable? i would imagine, a variable initialization based on customer name input and then building a Path via another variable initiatialization for path.
    Thanks in advance..

    • There is not a way to do a lookup in the initialization form as an input, and there is not a way to do one in a MS Form, either, sorry.

  • Hi Laura, this is probably the wrong place to enter this question but I was reading a blog by Jim Ongena and he mentioned your name in connection to a reusable Power Automate. We deal primarily in the Project Online space and as you are probably aware each Project can have an associated SharePoint Project site behind it in which you can have Issues and Risks list and Document libraries. In the past we were able to deploy out SPD workflows with the site templates but with the introduction of Automate we can’t associate a Power Automate since during the site create a new list and library is created with the same name but a different ID. The challenge would be to develop an Automate that could be used on each separate site. The URL would be https://testsite.sharepoint.com/sites/pwa_dev/P3%20BCH%20Test/Shared%20Documents, with P3 BCH Test being the site name. Therefore what trigger could we use to capture the site name into a variable since the rest of the URL stays the same. I’ve tried a manual but I can’t access the URL to split out the site name. The idea would be to find a solution which would allow us to share a single Automate which could be shared with all the Project Sites.

    If you need more info please advise.

    Thanks in advance, Brian.

    • Great idea, but I’m not sure how to accomplish that. You could create a solution and put environment variables in it (for the URL) and then make a copy of that solution for each project site. Just a guess.

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