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Power Apps: Form Across Multiple Screens

It is a common request, to have a form that is so long, that it needs to span across several screens, like a “wizard”.  Fill out a few fields, click Next, fill out a few more, click Next, etc. In this post, I’ll show you a way to accomplish that in PowerApps.  Here is an example: This concept is a

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Power Apps Gallery of Attachments

If you’d like to add a bunch of photo attachments to an item in SharePoint, and then have the ability to view them all as a gallery of images on the item, here’s how to do it. This is using a SharePoint list, and the attachments control in the form.  This solution is just for images, not documents or other

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My PowerApps 4 Day Class

PowerApps full, 4-day course, and a Cyber Monday sale that you won’t want to miss!

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Community Champ – Thanks Mary Jo!

IT Community Champ

Thanks so much, Mary Jo Foley!  It came as a surprise to me the other day when it popped up on Twitter.  Mary Jo Foley has been highlighting IT Community champs, and she had picked me that day!  I appreciate the recognition, thanks for putting me in a list of such influential people in the tech world. Mary Jo

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Back in the Office!

Hi everyone!  Hi SharePoint community!  I kinda missed you.  I just had a new baby (that makes three) in January.  So, I’ve been out on maternity leave for the past three months.  I haven’t been doing any SharePointing lately, but I’m excited about catching up and getting back into blogging! As I go through all of the questions that you’ve

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