My PowerApps 4 Day Class

Exciting news!  A lot of you have been asking me about this over the past few months, and now….. I’m holding a PowerApps training class!

You may have seen me do short presentations and demos of specific solutions in PowerApps in the past, but that doesn’t really teach you all of the fundamentals and intricacies.  In this advanced class, I am going to break it down and teach you step by step how to build your own PowerApps and actually understand the why and how of everything as you go.  There are only 30 seats in this class.

Also, in conjunction with this announcement, I’m having a Cyber Monday sale, 25% off of ALL of the training on my site. The code will be emailed out on 11/24/2017.

Cyber Monday

So, head on over to, to read more about all of this.

If you are new to, it’s free for anyone to create an account, you can even use your LinkedIn credentials, and start learning SharePoint!


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