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Flow Virtual Summit 7/10-7/11

Flow can be used to trigger automation from within a PowerApp. In this session, learn the ins and outs of Flow used with PowerApps. Trigger a Flow from a button, and even allow the Flow to respond back to the PowerApp. There are also many types of automation that can be done directly from PowerApps without the need for Flow. You will learn how to determine when and where a Flow is needed, and all of the steps to set the systems up to talk to each other.

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SharePoint News Notifications in Teams

Yesterday at our Birmingham SharePoint and Office 365 User Group meeting, we had an informal open discussion about Microsoft Teams.  Nick Brattoli and I lead the discussion, with demos of Teams, and talked about best practices and adoption.  We asked a lot of questions to the group, about how they currently use it, what end users are doing in there,

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My New Power Automate Class

Thanks so much to my followers, for reading all of my blog posts about workflows and forms over the last 12 years or so.  We’ve moved from technology to technology over time, haven’t we? Now, in addition to my SharePoint and PowerApps online classes, I’m announcing my new Advanced Power Automate class!   I teach this class in conjunction with Power

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Run Power Automate as Part of a SharePoint Site Design

Back in the old days of SharePoint, you could save a whole site as a template, and any workflows that were on that site, were automatically part of the template.  So, sites that were created from that template then automatically had the workflows included. Now, “Site Designs” are the new way of creating a sort of site template in SharePoint

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Power Automate Out-of-Box Reminders

In lists and libraries that have date columns, there is a way to set up an out-of-box Microsoft flow, to send reminders!

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Microsoft Flow Virtual Conference

Microsoft’s virtual conference is tomorrow, 12/12!  And it’s all about Microsoft Flow!

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