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Charts in Power Apps

There are several different ways that you can accomplish building charts in PowerApps, ranging from the high-end Power BI, all the way to something simple like a series of rectangles with variable widths.  In this post and associated video, I’ll go over your current options, what you’ll need in order to accomplish them, and what’s possible.  For Power BI, I’m

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New Modern Web Parts – Full List

In Office 365, you may notice that there are more new things rolling out right now.  This post is all about the new page editing experience and new web parts.  Here’s what I’ll cover: How to use the new page editing interface How to use each of the new web parts How to set your new page as the homepage

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Adventures in Power BI and DAX

This one is going to be a bit different than a lot of what I usually write, but I learned something new today, and wanted to share some of the steps with you.  I worked in Power BI in Office 365 today, and learned a little DAX, which stands for Data Analysis Expressions. Here’s the challenge.  I have a list

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