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Custom Hyperlink Icon Column

Have you ever wanted to have a nice pretty button, right on the row of one of your list or library items in SharePoint, and that button does something custom? Out of box, there’s a column called “Edit”, and you can add that to your view, and it gives you a quick way to get to the edit page with

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Filtering a Gantt View by Query String

This post applies to all versions of SharePoint and Office 365. If you ever wanted to filter a datasheet view of a list or a Gantt view via parameter or web part connection, you may have noticed that there is no option to create this type of filter via web part connection, and these types of views cannot be tweaked

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InfoPath 2010 and Repeating Tables

Another name for this post could be “The most web part connections you’ve ever seen”, or “how to go insane in 41 easy steps”. Just kidding. I thought I’d whip this up ‘real quick’ the other day, and then it turned out to be 9 pages. This post applies to the enterprise version of SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 only.

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Query String URL & Data View Web Parts (Part 3 of 4)

In the last two posts of this series, I showed you how to use the MOSS Enterprise out of box web part called the Query String (URL) Filter.  This post will show you how to accomplish the same thing, but without MOSS.  This entails using the data view web part.  I’ll use the same example of a project details page. 

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Query String URLs are Magical (Part 2 of 4)

In my last post, I showed you what query string URLs are, and a simple example of what can be done with the MOSS Enterprise Query String URL Filter Web Part.  In this post, I’ll get more into a really cool example of what can be accomplished with query strings, and taking it to the next level. In this example,

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