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Web Part: “Stuff I Like” Using Social Data

In SharePoint 2010, you may have noticed the button at the top right corner of all of the pages, called “I Like It”.  This button basically just adds a tag (I Like It) to the item, but it’s not readily apparent WHY you would want to use that button.  You can go to your My Site profile, and click the

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Filter a View by “Me” Without a People Column

This applies to the Enterprise version only, for SharePoint 2007 or 2010. A lot of times, especially with InfoPath fields, you end up with a text field with a user’s name in it, instead of an actual people picker field.  The syntax may be something like DOMAINusername.  In this post, I’ll use the example of “Current Approver”. This text field

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Testing the Current User Filter Web Part

This post applies to the enterprise version of SharePoint. The out of box web part called the Current User Filter is extremely useful, and I mention it in several of my blog posts.  This web part is also a bit of a hassle sometimes, though, because it’s usually not entirely apparent what data is being output from it. The way

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SharePoint Related Lists (Part 4 of 4)

Yes, the title of this post is a little confusing, especially if you read the other 3 parts, but let me explain.  The first three parts of this series were all about the Query String URL Filter, and how to create mashups that display multiple related lists on one page.  Lists have a lot more relational capabilities now, which is

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Web Part Connections – Improved in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010, when you put a list view web part on a page, go to the web part tool pane, and switch the Selected View in the drop-down box, the following message pops up: The part about disabling web part connections isn’t true anymore.  Back in SharePoint 2007, when you created web part connections you had to make sure

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