Web Part Connections – Improved in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010, when you put a list view web part on a page, go to the web part tool pane, and switch the Selected View in the drop-down box, the following message pops up:


The part about disabling web part connections isn’t true anymore.  Back in SharePoint 2007, when you created web part connections you had to make sure that the columns being filtered were actually displayed as columns.  The connection configuration only let you choose from those visible columns.  You can get around this by creating these lists as data view web parts in SharePoint 2007, which allows all columns to be available for filtering.

Anyway, in SharePoint 2010 this message isn’t valid anymore because ALL COLUMNS in the list are ALWAYS available when creating web part connections.  So… don’t worry about it, and click OK.  That’s all.


  • Laura, I seem to have run into a snag. If I get all that working beautifully in a site and then save that site as a template, new sites created from that template don’t have the connections. Initially found with passing a filter parameter to a SQL Reporting web part but the problem seems to be more general. I created a site with a Date filter web part passing the date to a list web part to show records created on that date. Worked successfully in the site but the web part connection was lost going to template to a new site. Any suggestions welcome. Denis

  • Denis, I have found the same behavior.

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