• This is incredible and I thank you for this. One of the questions I’ve got is, with all this done, now when I go to submit the form, I’d like to have it auto-create the destination department/user folder. Is that possible? For example, right now everything goes to the destination folder through a rule but that could get messy after awhile. My Department field auto-populate no problems, and the file is auto-generated to Leave Application_Ramy Asha_Type of Leave_Today’s Date”. Is there a way to have InfoPath auto-create the Path to: Leave Forms –> NOCIT –> Ramy Asha For example?

  • Hello Laura,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I did the changes as you mentioned on my site but unfortunately I am unable to change the views. Instead of “Department”, I used “UserName” to switch views on user login. So if its not too much trouble can you please post the tutorial on UserName as well?

  • Ramy,
    I recommend using views to slice and dice the data, instead of folders. Folders are just very messy with InfoPath forms.

    Create a blank text field called CurrentUser.
    Create a form load rule. Every time the form loads, “set a field’s value”, and set CurrentUser to UserName().
    Then create another form load rule with the condition IF CurrentUser is equal to xyz Person’s name, then switch views.

  • Hello Laura,
    Thank you for this post, it is very informative.
    I have a question about step 13. Pick Name is equal to Department, and click OK on the four different screens.
    Where does the “Name” option come from.

  • Hi Sean,
    “Name” is the name of the property. (user profiles and properties)

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