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SharePoint 2013 Web Part: Content Search

**NEW VIDEO to go with this post: The new content search web part in the SharePoint 2013 preview (enterprise) is just awesome, awesome, awesome. Remember quite a while back when I wrote a post about how to utilize the search results web part to show the logged in user a list of sites that they have access to?  Well now

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SharePoint 2013 Social: Community Sites

A community site is a new site template that is available in SharePoint 2013, and it is also available as a feature that you can enable, called the Community Site Feature.  This type of site is truly like a forum.  Remember the old discussion boards in previous versions of SharePoint?  This is a dramatically improved discussion board!  The idea is

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InfoPath– Getting the “Signature”

STOP USING INFOPATH You can add real digital certificates to your InfoPath forms, but there are a few problems with them: They are not compatible with browser-based forms They don’t collect any real data that you can do anything with. So, for most clients I work with, they don’t need to have “real” certificates involved, and simply need to capture

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SharePoint Permissions Video Series

Jennifer Mason and I created a series of videos for beginners, to explain permissions in SharePoint.  Now that the series is complete, here are all of the links to our posts. Understanding Permissions in Office 365: The Basics – by Jennifer Video 1: An Overview Of Permissions Video 2: Creating New Users And Granting Them Access Video 3: Introduction To

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SharePoint Tuesday! Come visit me Online

Every Tuesday, Rackspace hosts a FREE virtual question and answer session.  Each of us on the SharePoint team have been taking turns.  On July 17th, 2012, it’s my turn! This will be from 2 to 3 Central time, and you can REGISTER HERE to attend. This is going to be a great interactive session, and I’m really looking forward to

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