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Your Site’s Most Popular Content: Web Analytics Web Part

There is an out of box web part in SharePoint 2010 called the Web Analytics web part, and it is part of the enterprise and standard versions of SharePoint 2010, and it is NOT available in SharePoint Online in Office 365. ** corrected 11/3 First of all, Todd’s post here is from an admin’s perspective: Todd Klindt: Using Web Analytics in SharePoint

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Web Part: Sites that I have access to

In many companies, there are a couple of different types of environments.  There is the “intranet” and/or the public site, and both of these types of portals contain sites with mostly one way information.  With these sites, pretty much everyone has access to everything in there.  On the other hand, there’s the “collaboration portal”.  In many cases, this is a

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SharePoint Contextual Searching and Stemming

I’d like to share with you a fix that I’ve found for the fact that search term stemming is not available when doing contextual searches in SharePoint.  Jennifer Mason and I worked through this the other day, and the results are pretty interesting. Here’s my explanation of contextual searching: In SharePoint, when performing a search, you’ll notice that there’s a

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