Web Part: Manager Sees Subordinates Tasks


This is an interesting solution that we figured out.  Here’s what the requirements are:  The managers need to see a list in SharePoint of all of the tasks that are assigned to their subordinates.  This is a bit tricky, because the manager field doesn’t exist in tasks.  Also, I didn’t want to do a solution that would involve anything at the task list level, because I want to be able to use all tasks that could be anywhere in SharePoint, all rolled up.  A solution that would involve editing or creating workflows on task lists wouldn’t really be viable in the long run.  So, Andy Wessendorf and Corey Emmons and I all collaborated and came up with this solution.  This can be done in SharePoint 2010 or 2013.

Today on SharePoint Power Hour, we will be demonstrating this solution live, streaming on YouTube!  Don’t worry, if you miss it, all of our episodes are recorded.

Here’s the gist of it:

  • We use the search results web part to show the list of all of the tasks that are assigned to the subordinates of whomever the currently logged in user is.
  • We use an InfoPath form web part to retrieve the list of people whose manager is the currently logged in user, using a data connection to the user information list.
  • We create a hyperlink in the InfoPath form that strings together all of those subordinates names into a search string.
  • A custom display template can then be created in order to make the search results look more meaningful, such as showing the due date column.

Here is the recording of the demonstration.


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