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Email Response to Assigned Task

This solution was done using Microsoft Flow.  The idea is that change requests are being created in a SharePoint site.  All of the people involved in getting assigned tasks to review the change request are EXTERNAL to the organization.  They are on the go, and I wanted to create a quick and easy way for them to respond to an

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Workflow Loop Through Multiple SharePoint Items

Finally!  It can be done with a SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow!  This is something that I’ve been wanting to be able to do for YEARS, and now it’s possible… and I’m just now blogging about it.  No, this can’t be done in any previous versions unless you go buy a 3rd party tool or get a dev to write something

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SharePoint 2013 Out of Box Web Parts

To carry on the tradition of my most popular post, which is the list of 2010 web parts, I figured I’d delve into documenting the list of 2013 ones as well.  Here is the extensive list, in order that the web parts are shown in SharePoint, with information about each one.  I’ve also made notes about which ones are available

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Hidden Gem: Color Coded Task Timeline

In SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online, you may have noticed on the About Me page, there is a Tasks link in the Quick Launch.  It takes you to a page that looks something like this: This list of tasks not only shows you your own personal list of tasks, it shows you all tasks from EVERYWHERE IN SHAREPOINT, all rolled

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Web Part: Manager Sees Subordinates Tasks

STOP USING INFOPATH This is an interesting solution that we figured out.  Here’s what the requirements are:  The managers need to see a list in SharePoint of all of the tasks that are assigned to their subordinates.  This is a bit tricky, because the manager field doesn’t exist in tasks.  Also, I didn’t want to do a solution that would

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