Speaking at SharePoint Conference North America!

The SharePoint Conference North America is coming to Las Vegas!  It’s going to be May 21-23, 2018, and I’m hoping to see you all there!

Registration is open now, and be sure to sign up for my FULL DAY POWERAPPS WORKSHOP.  When you register, be sure to pick an option that includes workshop(s).  Be sure to use my code ROGERS to receive a $50 discount.

PowerApps and Flow for No-Code SharePoint- FULL DAY

Are you a SharePoint power user who builds no code business solutions? SharePoint has always been a powerful platform for those of us in this role, because we can build what we need, quickly and easily. This applies to sites, lists, and especially forms and automated workflows. As you may have heard, InfoPath and the data view web part are in the past, they are dying technologies. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are the new no-code tools for power users in SharePoint and Office 365. In this workshop, learn how to work through a solution that was built the old way, and build it with PowerApps and Flow instead. Some specific PowerApps concepts that will be taught are cascading drop-downs, forms with parent-child relationships, and pre-populating user information in forms. Microsoft Flow will be used to build the automated approval process for request forms that are filled out.

My Sessions:


Have you built approval workflows with SharePoint 2010 out-of-box workflows or SharePoint Designer task actions in the past? PowerApps and Microsoft Flow present a great opportunity to modernize and increase the capabilities of your current automated business processes. The depth of your automated processes may range from simple to complex, and they all vary when it comes to flexibility and functionality. In this session, you will learn the capabilities of Microsoft Flow and how to successfully develop your next process automation in SharePoint.

Come see me in Las Vegas, and follow @SharePointNA in the meantime.

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