Power Platform Online Conference 3/20

There is a free, online conference coming up this month, it’s NINE hours long, and I’ll be speaking there!  Check out the Power Platform Online Conference which will occur on 3/20/2020.

Here are the details about the session that I’ll be presenting:

Keeping Track of all those Approvals!

In Power Automate, there is a great, built in way to create and wait for approvals. Approvals could be around files, items, or even a row in a spreadsheet or database. The built in interface is intuitive for business users to easily approve items that come their way. But, sometimes it’s a bit challenging to get a grasp of what is still out their waiting, because only the sender and recipient of the approval have access to that information. In this session, you will learn a method of kicking off approvals and keeping track of them in a SharePoint list. This increased visibility allows for the ability to do more with the data, such as send overdue notices.

I’m also including copies of all of the code/files that are used in the demo, given in a URL at the end of the presentation.


See you there!




  • Vladimir Samoilov

    Great presentation, exactly what I need. Can’t see the URL you mention in the note above or at 6:54:40 on Youtube video.
    Can you please send this?

  • Guruprasad Aradhya

    Hi Laura,
    I have one question
    Can we have a single mail to trigger for multiple approve request.
    like I have 15 request to approve but I don’t want to send the 15 mails for approve instead I need to trigger a mail which will approve 15 request at once…

    it would be good if you have any solution for this.

    Thank you

  • Hi Laura,
    I watched your presentation and it was awesome, exactly what I’ve been trying to build for awhile now with no success. I’m looking for the link to the code and files to see if I can replicate this for my needs. Let me know if you’re able to provide that. Thanks again!

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