Microsoft’s Crisis Communication Power App

We held a special power hour this week, detailing and demonstrating a new, FREE download.  This is a solution developed and just rolled out by Microsoft.  It is a Power App that involves SharePoint, Teams, and Power Automate, which is used for company communication during the global COVID-19 crisis.  To learn more, check out my demo of the Crisis Communication App.

Microsoft’s blog post: Crisis Communication: a Power Platform template

Download all the files you’ll need: Crisis Communication Solution

The full instructions to install the solution: Set up and learn about the Crisis Communication sample template in Power Apps

Here is my walk-through video of the end result, and then the full installation, which entails creating a SharePoint site, creating a Team, importing the two Power Apps, importing a couple of Flows, and configuring all of the settings in all the right places, to make the solution fully functional.


Here are a few of my favorite parts of this solution, things that you’ll learn when you peek inside and try it out:

  • Create a flow that creates several SharePoint lists and libraries with all of the needed columns.
  • Create a query string parameter
  • Use components in Power Apps for navigation, search and several other things.
  • Use flow to post to Teams
  • Embed a Power App and a Power BI report in Teams
  • Learn how to create a responsive Power App.


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