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Setting Permissions on SharePoint Views

Here’s a little hack that you can do, in order to create permissions on views of any list or library.  I’m not going to say this is the most pretty or perfect solution, but it’s at least a way to accomplish this.  It gets asked all the time.  “How can I set permissions so that only certain people can see

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Your Very Own Permissions Dashboard

For SharePoint 2007: Using a web service and a little magic, it’s possible to create your own data view web part “dashboard” to quickly get to permissions and other screens for all of the lists and libraries on your SharePoint site.  Here’s an example of what the goal is: The first column is the title of each list and library

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Displaying SharePoint Fields by Permission Level

There are situations where certain fields in lists or libraries need to be hidden or displayed according to the permission level of the logged in user.  Since there is really no out-of-box way to assign permissions to fields, here’s a way to do it using conditional formatting in SharePoint Designer.  This is my favorite SP Designer trick, that I discovered

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