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SharePoint Workflow History Issue

As you may know, in SharePoint there is a built in “Workflow History” list that exists on each site where you use workflows, and the workflow information for all workflows automatically gets written to this list behind the scenes.  This is a hidden list, but you can see it by going to this URL: /yoursite/lists/workflow%20history I don’t suggest messing with

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Video: Creating Hyperlinks in SharePoint Designer 2010

In this video, I demonstrate how to create hyperlinks in the new XSLT List View Web Parts in SharePoint 2010.  By default in a list, the hyperlink exists on the Title field, and in a library, it exists on the file name.  You can easily change your views to use hyperlinks on different columns in any list or library, by

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Filter a View by “Me” Without a People Column

This applies to the Enterprise version only, for SharePoint 2007 or 2010. A lot of times, especially with InfoPath fields, you end up with a text field with a user’s name in it, instead of an actual people picker field.  The syntax may be something like DOMAINusername.  In this post, I’ll use the example of “Current Approver”. This text field

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The Largest SharePoint Conference in Europe!

Yes, I’ll be in London this April, and no it won’t be for the royal wedding.  I’ll be speaking at the European Best Practices Conference April 11-13, 2011: Big thanks to Lightning Tools, because they have set up a book signing for me in their booth at the conference!  We’ll be giving away free books, signed by me!  My book

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Click to Copy List Item to New

Often times, you have a SharePoint list item with all of the fields filled in, and want to simply copy that item to create a new one.  One way to go about it would be to put all of the columns in a datasheet view, and copy an entire row to another one, but that’s not always the most feasible

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