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Modern SharePoint Color-Coded Calendar

Microsoft Lists are SharePoint Lists, and these lists can be displayed as calendars. Conditional formatting can now be done on calendar views! This means that you can color code your calendars, based on values in the columns, such as an event category. Old Way: Overlays This concept of color coding has existed in the past, for classic calendars in SharePoint,

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No Code Column Formatting in SharePoint – NEW

There’s a new wizard based, easy user interface for column conditional formatting in SharePoint Online!!  That means you don’t have to know JSON code in order to do some conditional formatting on your columns!!!!!! This doesn’t work on every column type, there are still limitations, but it does give some basic options. Right now this only works on these types

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Button in SharePoint List to Trigger Power Automate

In SharePoint modern lists, conditional formatting can be done, and there is a great detailed reference by Microsoft.  I was trying to find a way to create a nice pretty button right there on a SharePoint list, to quickly click to run a workflow. 6/23/2022 Update:  I’ve written a newer, better way to accomplish this (Action Button in a List

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SharePoint Conditional Formatting

In SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, there is no more design view in SharePoint Designer, and of course InfoPath is slowly being depreciated between now and 2023.  Without these tools, how do we go about creating business solutions easily like we have been doing for years?  I’m not a programmer, and I know that most of my audience here… you’re

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InfoPath Radio Button Bold Selection

STOP USING INFOPATH This is just a quick little fun one.  In this post, I’ll show you how to make your radio button text show as bold when that radio button is selected, like this.  See, the “Approved” word is bold when selected.  This can be done in any version of InfoPath, but these instructions are specific to InfoPath 2010

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