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List View Web Part Properties

In SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, there are a couple of pretty useful new web part properties that I would like to point out.  When inserting an “app part” on a page (a list or library web part), there is a Miscellaneous section in the web part property toolpane. Insert a list or library (app) as a web part on

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Web Part: Sites that I have access to

In many companies, there are a couple of different types of environments.  There is the “intranet” and/or the public site, and both of these types of portals contain sites with mostly one way information.  With these sites, pretty much everyone has access to everything in there.  On the other hand, there’s the “collaboration portal”.  In many cases, this is a

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Asynchronous Update – Web Part Setting

In SharePoint 2010, we can now set up asynchronous updates on lists, libraries and other data views.  Basically, this means that instead of users having to refresh the browser to see any changes to data on the screen, asynchronous updates can be used to either display a refresh button right on the list, or set it up to refresh automatically

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